What is the effect of Natural Farm?

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Main functions:

1.Stimulate seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation and growth.

2.Produce thicker, greener, and healthier foliage.

3.Produce more, larger, longer lasting, and more beautiful flowers.

4.Significantly increase the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents of most fruits and vegetables.

5.Help retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in soils releasing them as needed to the growing plants to make soil more fertile and productive.

6.Increase the water holding capacity of soil helping plants to resist drought.

7.Reduce fertilizer requirements and increase yields in most crops.

8.Increase aeration of the soil.

Our goods is a kind of new fertilizer ,which is produced using national patent technology . According to soil quality and the requirement for crop, amino acid fertilizer uses food as materials and has wide application . The amino acid feitilizer includes many kinds of nutrient component,such as N,P,K,S,Ca,Mg.Zn.Fe.Cu.Mn,Mo,Moreover ,it also contains amino acid ,organic matter,and humic acid, it can be used as basale fertilizer and additional fertilizer for kinds of crops for its quick acting ,long acting and special acting.

Remarkable characteristics:

•Biological fermentation ,gunite pelleting, mellow and full for appearance ,coffee smell, convenient use.

•Complete nutrient ,not only including N.P.K. trace element ,but also containing plenteous amino acid ,organic matter and humic acid

•Amino acid fertilizer is used as producing green farm produce because of its nontoxic and unharmful characteristic ,no insect and harmful bacteria. ints index of heavy metal is lower than national standard/ Prominent efficacy

•The amino acid can make crop grow strongly and enhance the crop having characters for drought resistance ,cold resistance .lodging resistance ,repeated_ planting resistance and salt and alkali resistance, in addition, the amino acid fertilizer makes the vegetable and fruit appearance fresh, good looking and delicious tasting, it also improves the quantity ,value and competitive strength

•The organic matter can improve effectively soil ,break hardened ,enhance the characteristic of water and fertilizer remaining ,improve soil quantity, and increase production

•The humic acid can retain water to preserve soil moisture ,decrease the content of P and K in soil, enhance grow for crop root system ,blockade plant disease and prevent blast disease and foot rot

•The nutrient of N.P.K and trace element can enhance crop grow healthily ,improve production ,prevent effectively and decrease physiology plant diseases ,decrease pesticide using.

•The compound of organic and inorganic can advance utilization rate of fertilizer ,decrease production cost ,and improve income

•The fertilizer has stable function and can reduce environmental pollution



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