Natural palm fertilizer (amino acid fertilizer)?

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"Natural Farm (amino acid fertilizer)", which is produced from the blood of fresh animal, is an eco-friendly fertilizer that improves the quality of the soil and improves the productivity unlike the nitrogen fertilizer that caused the soil stiffness until now. It is very important that the blood, the most important worm of the natural farm, is made from fresh blood. It receives fresh blood through hygiene management at the slaughterhouse and is transported through low-temperature storage without deterioration, and is produced through enzymatic decomposition process. In the fresh blood, proteins are decomposed into peptides and amino acids, fermented, and converted into amino acids using microorganisms and enzymes. In addition, we produce natural farm (amino acid fertilizer) by adding trace element necessary for crop growth.

Amino acid fertilizer not only makes the growth of crops healthy but also acts as a nutrient source of soil microorganisms in addition to the direct action of amino acids on the plants. This results in a long-term effect that increases soil productivity. An environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly amino acid fertilizer, Natural Farm is a good partner to increase profits by allowing farmers to produce more good vegetables and fruits.

In general, when amino acids are used as the only source of nitrogen for growing plants, the growth of plants by the absorption of basic amino acids such as glutamine, asparagine, arginine, citrulline and oligo, This is greatly improved. Especially in low temperature or in an environment where photosynthesis is disadvantageous, production of sugar and ATP is insufficient. Because of the lack of energy to absorb and assimilate minerals in the roots.

However, amino acids are taken up by the roots and immediately become amino acids such as arginine and glutamic acid, which are the central amino acids of nitrogen metabolism in vivo by amino transfer reaction. Therefore, crops grow better than inorganic nitrogen due to absorption of amino acids.



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