We will be a company that will become the standard of resource recycling agriculture.

Blood from slaughtering livestock has been treated as waste, causing environmental pollution and incurring huge processing costs.

However, the blood contains rich nutrients such as protein and various minerals, which is a high fertilizer / dietary value resource.

In addition, minerals commonly found in mountains and rivers are composed of a large amount of potassium, phosphoric acid, calcium and various minerals, and are resources that can be supplied evenly to plants and animals.

The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides gradually acidifies and destroys the soil, causing problems such as salt breakdown, deterioration of construction, gas obstruction, and deteriorating the quality of agricultural products.

Our products are based on the good nature of natural materials technology is constantly developing.

The farm produce produced through this provides the environment to grow and produce good agricultural products.

The amino acid produced by the natural fermentation method improves to the fertile soil through the nutrient supply to the soil and the activation of the microorganism, and the high absorption rate of the crop through the foliar fertilization brings the fast growing effect.

In addition, the supply of various natural minerals and trace elements through minerals strengthens the immunity of the crops and makes them bear fruit.

We pursue resource circulation agriculture based on natural cycle process.

We want to create a good agricultural environment by producing nutritious plants and animals with good materials from nature and producing the strong agricultural and livestock products based on fertile soil, .

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